is the first Datapoietic artwork. It is a lighting system for public spaces which is connected to the data produced by international organizations about the number of people living in conditions of extreme poverty (less than 1.80$ a day). The red light emitted by Obiettivo is an alarm: it will never stop shining until the number of people living in conditions of extreme poverty will fall below a certain threshold (500 thousand people). Only then Obiettivo will switch off, allowing us to rest. Obiettivo is a totemic object: it is designed to bring an augmented sensibility about poverty – one of our planet’s complex issues – into the public space, and to be the center of urban neo-rituals of awareness, knowledge, cooperation and shared action, supported by technologies and science.

OBIETTIVO is part of Datapoiesis, a project realized with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo through its Bando ORA! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea. The project involves the production of new type of of art and design: connected to data sources, this objects come alive to allow their owners and the public to establish new relationships with the great challenges of our globalized world – like poverty, energy, climate, migration.


Obiettivo’s light oscillation frequency indicates how many people are entering or leaving a condition of extreme poverty: a faster frequency indicates more people, a slower one means less people. If light moves towards the front of of the sculpture, it’s positive: it means that people are leaving poverty. If it’s towards the back it means that they are entering poverty. Obiettivo’s light will turn off when there will be less than 500 thousand people in a condition of extreme poverty in the world.


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[2]WORLD BANK poverty and equity data
[3]OECD poverty and inequality data