• WHEN → 24-25-26th Jan 2020 – Art City Bologna
  • WHERE → Ex Chiesa San Pietro Martire + KILOWATT/Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita (Bologna, Italy)
  • WHAT → “OBIETTIVO Bologna. Datapoiesis in the city” || exhibit, panel, urban ritual and walk

How can data become part of our public space? How can we transform them into generative processes capable to bring awareness and social activation? What are the opportunities and implications for citizens, organisations, institutions and new form of urban welfare?

After Ancona, Turin and the intense Fall School at Fabbriche ex Olivetti in Ivrea from 24th to 26th January Datapoiesis arrives at Art City. The new event of the project “OBIETTIVO Bologna. Datapoiesis in the city”, curated art+b=love(?) on tour in synergy  with Maison is an exhibit, panel, urban ritual and walk in which data and computation meets art, science and technology, helping people to better understand the complex issues of our globalized world, – such as poverty, climate change, energy, migration, health, education. 

“Art + b = love (?), is a nomadic event exploring how art can produce social and economic innovation, and starts its 2020 tour in Bologna with Datapoiesis. An important appointment to talk about art, data and welfare: the city that in Italy has built its identity on the quality of services, the acceptance of differences, and the creation of opportunities for the most fragile people. Thanks to the partners involved in the event – institutions,  nonprofits organisation, social enterprises – the three days designed for Art City identify a possible trajectory to build physical and virtual spaces of connection between heterogeneous skills: those of artists, designers, technologits, urban planners, economists, politicians – who use data to improve the relationship between people and quality of life. A first network gathering together to create a positive impact around issues that are not for technicians, but must enter into the discourse of the whole community. “

Federico Bomba, president Sineglossa e director of art+b=love(?) festival

At the center of the exhibit is OBIETTIVO, the first datapoietic artwork hosted for the occasion at the Ex Chiesa San Pietro Martire. This suggestive space has brought the historic church of Via Orfeo back to life, transforming it into a cultural hub for events and private stays that combines contemporary design with the Italian architectural tradition of Catholic buildings from the 1600s.

“OBIETTIVO is a data sculpture: a lamp for public illumination that lights up according with the number of people entering and exiting from extreme poverty in the world. A datapoietic object has the fundamental characteristic of being a totem, around which people can gather to experience phenomena, so complex that we cannot perceive them. This new exhibition space for OBIETTIVO brings us in a ritual dimension: it is what we need to experiment new forms of connection and empathy. For the opening we will repeat the first datapoietic ritual created and performed in Turin at the Galleria Wild Mazzini during Artissima. We begun 2020 with extreme international tension and several environmental disaster: never as now are we aware of the role that Datapoiesis can play in building new sensitivity through which we can live (and survive) within globalization.

Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, authors of the artwork, funders of – Art is Open Source e and of the research center  HER – Human Ecosystems Relazioni

On Friday 24th an opening outside the box begins with a urban journey, with a special edition of Gira La Cartolina curated and promoted by Piazza Grande. The format is a walk conducted by homeless people to look at Bologna with different eyes and perspectives, from Sala Borsa to the Ex Chiesa San Pietro Martire in Via Orfeo.

“Nobody chose to be homeless. Poverty is not the result of wrong choices made by the poor, nor just the absence of material goods – even if it is what we see immediately. It is a complex phenomenon that has its roots in social values ​​and norms, and in personal behaviors: a process in which marginalized and marginalizing people move away, ignore each other, find themselves in positions that make both suffer. The fight against poverty is a struggle to recover our humanity, and the collaboration of Piazza Grande in  this project wants to bring the discussion back to the area that most belongs to our organisation: the access to objective and aggregate data, the impact of the policies, but also the capability to recognize the other with the gaze, the community’s effort in celebrating and renewing his humanity.”

Carlo Francesco Salmaso, president of Piazza Grande.

The walk will end with a datapoietic ritual: gathered around OBJECTIVE and its light, participants will listen to the data of poverty in the world transformed into sounds: Salvatore Iaconesi, through texts and visualizations, will perform the history of poverty.
The final step of this intens afternoon is a panel. In the Spaces of Kilowatt, at the Serre of Giardini Margherita, Davide Agazzi (Palazzo Guerrieri – Brindisi – Urban Innovation Laboratory), Amir Djalali (University of Bologna), Carlo Francesco Salmaso (Piazza Grande) and the duo Iaconesi / Persico, moderated by Federico Bomba, will discuss about “Datapoiesis in the city. Bologna, data, urban welfare”. At the table, different projects united by the ability to bring data into the public space and to create citizen activation processes.

“We immediately supported Datapoiesis and OBIETTIVO with enthusiasm, welcoming its themes and trying to create meaningful connections to bring the project to the city. Maison Ventidue was born from the will (and need) to speak, say, announce and participate in the artistic discourse: to practice spaces of autonomy and direct democracy, and make ourselves free. For this reason, as a sign of personal and professional resistance to all those (economic and meritocratic) automatisms that generate prejudices and social rigidity, in 2014 I started the first cycle of the HOMEMADE artistic residences on the concept of limit, in which curator and artist lived and they worked together – in the same space, in the same actual house. It was a gym that today makes us evolve into something at the service of others , the community we live in. In 2019 Maison Ventidue changes again and opens the doors of L’APPARTAMENTO (Via Miramonte 4-6): a fluid place that believes in sharing infrastructures  and experiences to activate a creative research, to grow at the level personal and collective. Datapoiesis is part of this path: we envision a datapoietic work for Bologna created with the city, for which we assume social, civic and civil responsibility for the data we produce. This is our ” OBIETTIVO Bologna”: starting from the event to build shared and concrete projects, as we have learned to do in these years. “

Mariarosa Lamanna, art curator at Maison Ventidue

The panel and exhibit “OBIETTIVO Bologna. Datapoiesis in the city” are free and . The urban walk Gira la Cartolina are by reservation by January 22, with a free and conscious offer (for more info