OBIETTIVO Ivrea. The first datapoietic enterprise 25-30/11/19

Almost after 20 years, design is back at Fabbriche ex Olivetti to immagine the first datapoietic enterprise

A new type of organization mixing art, data, science, design and innovation to create augmented sensitivities toward complex phenomena.

From 25th to 30th November, with Datapoiesis Fall School an international group of researchers, artists, designers, professionals and students is traveling to Ivrea.

In five days the group, coordinated by the artistic duo Iaconesi / Persico and by Fiorenza Lipparini, will imagine the model, the communication, the ecosystem of objects and services of the first enterprise dedicated to Datapoiesis: the phenomenon for which data and artificial intelligence lead to existence an augmented sensitivity to the complex issues of our globalized world.

The inspiration is OBIETTIVO: the lamp for public illumination animated by data, that won’t stop lightening until extreme poverty in the world has fallen below 500.000 people.

“The event in Ivrea is perhaps the central stage of the project. For five days we will be physically and perceptively immersed in the lifestyle, aesthetics and values of the future datapoietic enterprise, and play with a key concept: this is the first example of a “made in Italy data-driven ” that aims to make people sensitive to global phenomena – from climate to migration – through art and design. Doing it inside the Fabbriche ex Olivetti is a choice of this project.”

Salvatore Iaconesi e Oriana Persico, AOS/HER

“Datapoiesis is the perfect company to be born and live at the Fabbriche ex Olivetti. I think that today Adriano would produce something very similar: that it has a strong social impact, an important technological component (linked to data) and that brings the great social questions back into the public space – of the city and the world. During Fall School we will start from poverty, to understand how to transform the first work, OBIETTIVO, into a line of design and services. With PlusValue, our goal is to ensure that the newborn datapoietic enterprise has an innovative, solid, ethical business model and a network of individuals ready to invest to support the launch.”

Fiorenza Lipparini, PlusValue ltd

The results of the Fall School will be transformed into an exhibition open to the public at Officine H, starting at 7.00 pm (Ivrea).

“We strongly believe in this project that radically embodies the spirit of the workshop with which we started the regeneration process of the plants: The Future is back home. We hope the best for the  first edition of the Fall School, conceived in perspective as an annual event. The ICONA group is ready to welcome the future enterprise and host it in its spaces. With these initiatives, Ivrea and Italy show the specificity of an innovation model inspired by art, design and corporate social responsibility”

Elena Zambolin, ICONA srl

“For Chirale it is exciting to take part in a project like Datapoiesis. In the first phase we participated in producing the work, now fpr the Fall School we join team as tutor of the materials and prototyping area. In our vision the fablab is not only a place where objects are produced, but a cultural space where different worlds meet. Just as it will happen in Ivrea.”

Leonardo Zaccone, co-funder of Chirale

The Fall School is intertwined with a seething of activities, projects and events showing renewed desire for collaboration in town: Cittadini Illumina(n)ti, Il Quinto Ampliamento with Il Dono Della Sintesi, and the Festival art + b = love (?) that after hosting the launch of OBIETTIVO in Ancona is in Ivrea with its “on Tour” edition.

“Working on a project that explores the issues of audience engagement in the cultural sphere means questioning the sense of being a community and the scenarios of change that affect the city. For Ivrea hosting Datapoiesis Fall School is an important sign of a renewed ability to dialogue with experiences to explore the contemporary world. With the Fall School we will organize 3 evening meetings bringing the group of participants to know the ZAC! Space, the Technological Laboratory Museum and the Open Art House gallery. On Friday 29, which is the peak of this intense week, we will all meet at Officine H for the opening of the exhibition, along with the annual event of Il Quinto Ampliamento. Because a city, in order to look to the future, must know how to welcome the world that surrounds it”.

Dimitri Buracco Ghion, Cittadini Illumina(n)ti

“The Fall School and the exhibition are the the heart of the nomadic edition of art + b = love (?) Festival. After Art Verona, being in the Fabbriche ex Olivetti  together with a visionary project like Datapoiesis and a group of professionals, artists, designers with different skills, histories, ages and backgrounds, means making the “bottega del XXI” a real strategy. Italy can and must look to initiatives, devices and processes such as those implemented by the Datapoiesis project, to recognize its potential and invest in it: we are the country of cultural heritage, art, design and the “beautiful factory”, as Olivetti taught us. We must learn to do it in the world of data and artificial intelligences ”.

Federico Bomba, artistic director of art+b=love(?) Festival

The exhibition “Datapoiesis. Life and objects of the first datapoietic enterprise” (composed by OBIETTIVO and the results of the Fall School) will become a permanent and expandable module hosted by the Fabbriche ex Olivetti: a legacy that the Datapoiesis project leaves to the city and the regeneration process of the Factories.

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