OBIETTIVO. A beating heart lights up the Fabbriche ex Olivetti


The red light of OBIETTIVO, the first datapoietic object, illuminates Fabbriche ex Olivetti

After 20 years – filled with the ideas, projects and objects created by Datapoiesis Fall School – the buildings are back to work.


IVREA, 25-30th Novembre 2019.

The thirty participants of Datapoiesis Fall School – different for backgrounds, origin, ages, professions and roles – did that. Led by 5 tutors and 3 coordinators, the group have designed the organizational and business model, the values, the relational ecosystem of services and objects of the first enterprise inspired by the concept of Datapoiesis.

OBIETTIVO illuminates the Fabbriche ex Olivetti, Datapoiesis Fall School 2019

Results have been transformed into an exhibition narrating the life of the future datapoietic enterprise through diagrams, data visualizations, booklets, images, texts and interactive objects.

Presented to the city of Ivrea on November 29th at Officine H – within the “Il Dono della Sintesi” event organized by Il Quinto Ampliamento – the exhibition was a success and a great joy for the city, the participants, the team of Fall School and the public intervened.

(Read “Ivrea. Un weekend di puro spirito olivettiano fra Datapoiesis e società di benefit“, La Sentinella del Canavese, December 3rd.)

On the night of 30 November – when the event was over – OBIETTIVO, the first datapoietic object situated at the center of the exhibition and of research conducted by participants, moved to the ICONA office, overlooking the majestic glass window of the so called “Second Enlargement”: the expansions of the Olivetti buildings over the years.

“During the school, many people in town asked what was the small human line forming around 9:30am at entrance “of the pine” in via Jervis 11, where the workshop took place. Some of them were moved learning what was going on. After 20 years a group of almost 40 people, different for age, culture, language… , were back to design in the factories: it was a tangible emotion for everyone. We have to thank Andrea Ardissone for helping us in physically transporting OBIETTIVO, on the night of the 30th: the project was genuinely welcomed by the city and by all the local partner, and they made us able to make it happen”.

Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico.

The light of the Fall School – the message that in Italy, in a place that has made the history of innovation, people are imagining a new type of art and design using data and computation to create augmented sensibilities toward global phenomena – it is lit in Ivrea and will illuminate the path of the future datapoietic enterprise.
More details with images and videos soon.