OBIETTIVO joins Farnesina Art Collection

Obiettivo’s light oscillation frequency indicates how many people are entering or leaving a condition of extreme poverty: a faster frequency indicates more people, a slower one means less people. If light moves towards the front of of the sculpture, it’s positive: it means that people are leaving poverty. If it’s towards the back it means that they are entering poverty. Obiettivo’s light will turn off when there will be less than 500 thousand people in a condition of extreme poverty in the world.

For its twenty years of life, Farnesina Collection, the contemporary art collection of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, acquired 20 new masterpieces: OBBIETTIVO among the selected artwork.

Created in 2000 and composed of over 470 masterpieces from the XX and the early XXI centuries, the collection is a unique experiment to promote italian culture and fostering international through art.